Doctoral Studies


The PhD thesis are submitted only in electronic form.

Requests in IS MU

These requests can be made electronically via IS MU - Document Office - Task submission

  • Application for Doctoral State Examination. Agenda: PřF ODSKAZINT: Přihláška ke státní doktorské zkoušce/Application for Doctoral State Examination
  • Application for PhD thesis defence. Agenda: PřF ODSKAZINT: Přihláška k obhajobě dizertační práce/Application for PhD thesis defence
  • Request to Interrupt Studies. Agenda: PřF ODSKAZINT: Doctoral studies: Přerušení studia/Request to Interrupt Studies
  • Notification of Abandoning Studies. Agenda: PřF ODSKAZINT: Doctoral studies: Oznámení o zanechání studia/Notification of Abandoning Studies
  • Request for hiding a part of the PhD thesis. Agenda: PřF ODSKAZINT: Žádost o skrytí části závěrečné práce - Doktorské
  • Request to waive a stay abroad. Agenda: PřF ODSKAZINT: Doctoral studies: Žádost o prominutí zahraniční stáže/Request to waive a stay abroad
  • Request to Change the Study Mode. Agenda: PřF ODSKAZINT: Doctoral studies: Změna formy studia/Request to Change the Study Mode
  • Application for scholarship in support of the Doctoral Students Mobilities. Agenda: PřF ODSKAZINT: Doctoral studies: Application for scholarship in support of the Doctoral Students Mobilities
  • Request for an exception. Agenda: PřF ODSKAZINT: Doctoral studies: Žádost o výjimku/Request for an exception
  • Request for change of PhD thesis research focus. Agenda: PřF ODSKAZINT: Žádost o změnu výzkumného zaměření disertační práce/Request for change of PhD thesis research focus
  • Request for change of the supervisor. Agenda: PřF ODSKAZINT: Doctoral studies: Žádost o změnu školitele/Request for change of the supervisor
  • Request to submit a PhD thesis in a language other than Czech or English. Agenda: PřF ODSKAZINT: Request to submit a PhD thesis in a language other than Czech or English

Issuing diplomas and graduation ceremony information

Graduates of doctoral study programmes at MU are presented with their graduation certificates at graduation ceremonies. These are scheduled approximately six months apart each year, on the same day for all MU faculties. The organization of graduation ceremonies and the issuing of doctoral diplomas is entrusted to the Department of Research, namely Mgr. Tereza Dvořáková

Graduates who will be graduated on a certain date are sent an electronic invitation about three weeks before the planned date of the ceremony, including more information about the ceremony itself. The invitation is sent to the graduates' emails in their IS MU personal administration. If a graduate wishes to receive the graduation invitation on their private email, it is necessary to set up email forwarding in IS MU Mail to their private address. In the IS MU it is also necessary to give consent to the use of the email box even after graduation via the so-called Privacy (in Czech "Soukromí"). Information about the graduation date is also communicated in advance to the administrators of the faculty departments that administer doctoral studies. Doctoral graduates do not pay the graduation fee.

In case a graduate is unable to attend the graduation ceremony, they collect their diploma by prior arrangement at the Doctoral Studies and Scientific Qualifications Division of the Rector's Office. The graduate or a person close to the graduate, based on written power of attorney (which need not be officially certified), collect the graduation documents in person before or after the graduation ceremony. It is also possible, by arrangement, to reschedule the graduate's attendance to the following graduation date.

You can also download the electronic diploma after it has been made available on the page in IS MU → Student → End of studies → Diploma, or in the E-transcripts application.


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