Timetable in IS Timetable on the faculty page Timetable of the university's Physical education

Two views of the schedule

At the Faculty of Science the timetables are posted in two ways. One is on the faculty webpage and the other is in IS. This is because that due to other agendas in the IS, the Course Catalogue cannot be fully customized to keep up with the IS timetable.

Timetable on the faculty page

It is formed on the basis of the data that the Schedule Committee gets from the departmental schedule managers.

When to use this view of the timetable?

  • teacher timtables
  • auditorium timtables
  • seminar group timtables

Timetable in IS

Here the Schedule Committee decides only when and where the teaching will take place, and all information is taken from the Course Catalogue. Because both lectures and seminars are conducted under the same course code, the course lecturer and seminar instructor both have the lecture/seminar in their timetables. Further, for various reasons other teachers than those who regularly teach the course are listed in the Course Catalogue. Furthermore auditorium reservations, which do not match any of the courses in the Course Catalogue, are not listed in IS.

When to use this view of the timetable?

  • This timetable is for students, who can assemble their "own timetable" during course enrollment in IS.

Apart from teacher names and auditorium reservations that do not have a course code in the Course Catalogue in IS, both timetable views are identical

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