Bachelor's degree in full-time form. The language of instruction is Czech.

The programme can be studied only as a single subject with a specialization (Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Bioanalyst, Biochemistry or Bioinformatics).

What will you learn?

The Biochemistry Bachelor's degree program prepares graduates who have knowledge of all areas of chemistry including biochemistry, inorganic, organic, analytical or physical chemistry, biology, and last but not least, are able to process data obtained from these two areas. The program is designed to gain a broad foundation of theoretical and practical knowledge based on the state of scientific knowledge, research and development in chemistry, biology and orientation in information on the structure, activity and reactivity of (bio) molecules. The individual specializations are then focused on the further development of assumptions in the field of concrete application in the direction of chemical and biochemical analytics and the field of biochemical processes and production (Analytical biochemistry), the expansion of qualification knowledge in general biology, microbiology, physiology and molecular biology (Biochemistry) or understanding of the chemical organization and biological data, including an overview of basic informatics disciplines (Bioinformatics).

“The Chemistry of Life: Revealing the Mysteries of Biological Processes for a Healthier Future”

Career opportunities

The broader theoretical basis allows graduates to flexibly adapt to the requirements of the workplace and to master the methods and procedures used there. They have prerequisites for further development and specialization in the field of their particular application, both in the direction of chemical and biochemical analytics, as well as in the field of biochemical processes and production or in the acquisition and processing of information (chemical literature, chemoinformatics, bioinformatics, data processing). They can also be qualified help in research and development work. Graduates are preparing for routine work in biochemical and similar laboratories in industry and research institutes, as well as development and control workplaces of companies dealing with health and pharmaceutical issues, or they can find applications in the field of programming, database development, chemical and biological information processing. Their professional background will also enable them to be employed in management, marketing and dealership in the above-mentioned fields of expertise.

Admission requirements

Data from the previous admission procedure (1 Nov 2023 – 29 Feb 2024)

The Learning Potential Test (Czech only)

Criteria for evaluation

The Learning Potential Test results

Recommended literature

The knowledge required to pass the Learning Potential Test is not obtained by studying specific information sources. Examples of previous years' tests can be found on

Minimum score and numbers of accepted applicants in past years

Study options

Single-subject studies with specialization

In the single-subject studies, the student deepens knowledge in the concrete focus of the degree programme and chooses one specialization. The specialization is stated in the university diploma.

Follow-up studies

A graduate of a Bachelor's degree program may, after fulfilling the conditions of admission, continue to study under Master's degree programs, particularly in the field of Biochemistry, Analytical Biochemistry, Proteomics and Genomics or Biomolecular Chemistry. They may also continue to study in the field of Bioanalytics - a laboratory worker who has obtained a qualification to perform a non-medical medical profession as a specialist in laboratory methods (Mgr.) Pursuant to Act No. 96/2004 Coll., § 26. To this end, this follow-up Master's degree is accredited to the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.

Study information

Provided by Faculty of Science
Type of studies Bachelor's
Mode full-time Yes
combined No
distance No
Study options single-subject studies No
single-subject studies with specialization Yes
major/minor studies No
Standard length of studies 3 years
Language of instruction Czech

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