Special Admission Procedure

What awaits you after admission to the Faculty of Science


  • To make a reservation, you must have a UČO (University ID number) and a password to the Information System, the UČO and password will be issued by the study department.
  • The applicant must send a request for accommodation by e-mail to ubytovani@skm.muni.cz
  • Wait for the booking confirmation (it will be sent by e-mail to the applicant's address).
  • The applicant must electronically sign the ISKaM accommodation contract immediately upon receipt of the reservation. Instructions will be in the confirmation email.
  • To log in, it is necessary to enter the UCO and the primary password of MU (this is the password for access to IS MUNI, Inet MUNI).
  • Activate the SUPO account and pay the reservation deposit, more information at: https://inet.muni.cz/app/supo/info?app.setlang=EN

Web: https://www.skm.muni.cz/en/accommodation/muni-dormitories

Contact: ubytovani@skm.muni.cz

Czech language courses

Czech language courses for Ukrainian students are organised by the Language Center. Students are enrolled in the course according to their language level after passing a placement test. The courses take place in full-time form in the range of 20 hours/ week from May / June to August 2022. Any questions about the course should be addressed directly with the responsible persons from the CJV. Regular course attendance is one of the conditions for the possibility of scholarship payment. At the end of the course the student will take a final test verifying the achieved level of Czech language.

Enrollment in the study

Enrollment in the study will take place in person in the period from June 27 to June 30, 2022. Applicants will come to the study department of the Faculty of Science, Kotlářská 2, Brno at the specified date and time according to the invitation sent by e-mail. After enrolling in the study, contact your study assistant with study matters.

Photography and ISIC card

After enrolling in the study, you need to take a photo to process your ISIC card. It is one of the obligations of MU students to have an identification card. So don't forget to order it through the Shopping Center.

You can use your own photo. You can insert it according to the instructions using this application in INET.

You can come and take pictures physically during office hours for photography. Book your photography appointment through the reservation system.

MU Information System (IS) - https://is.muni.cz

After enrollment, your study will be activated. After activation, log in using your University ID number (UČO) and password. Use the help to work with the IS. The basics of working with the IS are published on the faculty website in the enrollment information.

Study Catalog

Please refer to the degree catalog for program requirements and curriculum progression. Study carefully.

Schedule of the academic year

All important periods such as the beginning and end of classes, registration and enrollment of courses, enrollment in seminar groups, etc. are determined by the schedule of the academic year.

Enrollment of subjects

Compulsory courses of the 1st semester will be enrolled by the study department. You will enroll in other compulsory and optional subjects yourself in the period: 30. 8. 2022 from 5.00 pm to 25. 9. 2022, when you will know whether you will start teaching professional studies.

IS → Student → Start of semester → Course registration and enrollment → Add courses according to the faculty template (Select the template appropriate for your program). More information here.

Physical education has a special regime, detailed information can be found here: http://www.fsps.muni.cz/cus/


The schedule of courses taught at the Faculty of Science will be published on August 29, 2022 in the IS. You will compile your personal schedule yourself through the IS by enrolling in compulsory elective courses and registering for seminar groups.

Enrollment in seminar groups

Enrollment in the seminar groups of courses that have seminar groups listed takes place from 31 August from 5 pm to 25 September 2022. If you are unsure, please use the HELP link.

Beginning of classes

Classes start on September 12, 2022. In order to start the Czech study program, you must have a certain level of Czech language proficiency.

  1. Level B2 +: you start teaching without further continuation of the Czech language course.
  2. Level B2: you start teaching and at the same time you will continue the Czech language course 4 hours a week.
  3. Level lower than B2: you continue in an intensive Czech language course until you reach the required level for inclusion in the course.


The scholarship is intended for students who have been granted temporary protection in the Czech Republic and who started their studies at Masaryk University after February 24, 2022 in the form of enrollment in a study program or short-term study stay, in any form of study.

Detailed information for all 1st semester students is published on the faculty website here.

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