A NEW Course at CERPEK in English! – Call for Applications

  • 15. března – 30. dubna 2020

A new four-semester course Effective Teaching for International Students: A Professional Development Course will help teachers to improve internationalization through enhancing their teaching competencies, including designing courses in English and facilitating the learning of international students.

Target Group: teachers and doctoral students from Masaryk University, who expect to teach a course or some of its components at either the Bachelor’s or Master’s level in the 2021 Autumn Semester.


This call was announced: 15 March 2020
Application deadline: 30 April 2020
Expected notification of applicants: 15 May 2020
Total number of participants: 20


Full Description: https://cerpek.muni.cz/vzdelavaci-programy/effective-teaching-for-international-students

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