The effects of nano-sized PbO on biomarkers of membrane disruption and DNA damage in a sub-chronic inhalation study on mice

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Although the production of engineered nanoparticles increases our knowledge of toxicity and mechanisms of bioactivity during relevant exposures is lacking. In the present study, mice were exposed to PbO nanoparticles (PbONP; 192.5 µg/m3; 1.93 × 106 particles/cm3) for 2, 5 and 13 weeks through … Read More

Researchers´ Night 2019

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On Friday, September 28, 2019, we took part in the Researchers’ Night at Masaryk University!We were pleased by the number of visitors, we were happy to show the most interesting treasures that are hidden in our laboratories!We look forward to … Read More

Mouse Model of Congenital Heart Defects, Dysmorphic Facial Features and Intellectual Developmental Disorders as a Result of Non-functional CDK13

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Congenital heart defects, dysmorphic facial features and intellectual developmental disorders (CHDFIDD) syndrome in humans was recently associated with mutation in CDK13 gene. In order to assess the loss of function of Cdk13 during mouse development, we employed gene trap knock-out … Read More

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