A previously uncharacterized Factor Associated with Metabolism and Energy (FAME/C14orf105/CCDC198/1700011H14Rik) is related to evolutionary adaptation, energy balance, and kidney physiology

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Abstract: In this study we use comparative genomics to uncover a gene with uncharacterized function (1700011H14Rik/C14orf105/CCDC198), which we hereby name FAME (Factor Associated with Metabolism and Energy). We observe that FAME shows an unusually high evolutionary divergence in birds and … Read More

Role of casein kinase 1 in the amoeboid migration of B-cell leukemic and lymphoma cells: A quantitative live imaging in the confined environment

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Abstract: The migratory properties of leukemic cells are commonly associated with their pathological potential and can significantly affect the disease progression. While the research in immunopathology mostly employed powerful indirect methods such as flow cytometry, these cells were rarely observed … Read More

LuminoCell: a versatile and affordable platform for real-time monitoring of luciferase-based reporters

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Abstract: Luciferase reporter assays represent a simple and sensitive experimental system in cell and molecular biology to study multiple biological processes. However, the application of these assays is often limited by the costs of conventional luminometer instruments and the versatility … Read More

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