The dean´s award for our students! Congratulations!

Students of our dept. received the Dean´s award for their high-level theses & publication successes! Good job!

We wish you a lot of success in your further research!

Awards for outstanding diploma thesis:

Awards for publications successes:

New article: Comparative phosphorylation map of Dishevelled 3 links phospho-signatures to biological outputs
New article: WNT signaling inducing activity in ascites predicts poor outcome in ovarian cancer
Congratulations to Peťa & Tomek!
Interview with Prof. Vitezslav Bryja at
Bryjalab at International Conference Analytical Cytometry 2019!
Interview with Vitezslav Bryja about developing CK1 inhibitors for treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Martin Zavřel has won the 1st place in biology category of SOC contest in South Moravian Region!