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From 1 April 2023, information security at the Faculty of Science is regulated by the new Dean's Directive No.1/2023 Information Security Policy. The document regulates access to data, software and hardware of the faculty as an employer. Let's look further at what all is related to the new directive.

13 Apr 2023 Barbora Wahlová

From April 1, 2023, information security at the Faculty of Science regulated by the Dean's new directive No. 1/2023 Information Security Policy, issued in the same way as all official documents of the MU Faculty of Science in both Czech and English versions. The document follows the MU directive No. 10/2017 Use of information technologies and establishes and describes rules governing data management from the perspective of the faculty as an employer. The practical application of the rules is ensured by the Department of Information and Communication Technologies of the Faculty of Science of MU (OIKT) in cooperation with the ICT administrators of individual departments and workplaces.

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The directive is effective as of April 1, 2023, however its full faculty compliance is expected till the end of year 2023.

The directive was created in cooperation with the Department of Information and Communication Technologies, the faculty lawyer, a working group composed of representatives of all departments and the HR Award Office.

The topics for establishing the information security rules emerged from analysis conducted at the faculty in 2018 as part of the preparation of the first action plan of the new people strategy, HR Award - HR Strategy for Researchers, HRS4R.

For the purposes of using data repositories and basic data management methods and data backuping, the directive classifies types of data and describes and refers to the available data repositories.

Last but not least, the new faculty rules recommend to use the employer’s email accounts for their work communication, i.e. email accounts of the faculty and the university,

You can learn more about the services of the faculty Department of Information and Communication Technologies (OIKT) on the website of this department:, where you can find information on faculty and university services, news, current service outages and contact forms for the IT support.

Would you like to influence the new people strategy at the faculty?

Your suggestions regarding employee care are always welcome and the HR Award Focus Group split into several sub-working groups is open to new members. Please write to us, join us.


SCI MUNI HR Award team

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