HR Award
Project Goals and Timelines

Project Benefits:
  • Long-term sustainable, international, prestigious, and transparent working environment open for both domestic and foreign top researchers.
  • Improvement of the Faculty employee life cycle processes – modern and open recruitment, working conditions allowing attractive research career, appraisal, training and career development.
Project Timeline:

Initiation Phase

Endorsement of The European Charter and The Code principles       


Internal Gap Analysis and Action Plan preparation                               


Sumbission of  the Gap Analysis and Action Plan to the European Commission and publishing the documents in the faculty website                                                         


Acceptance of the strategy and action plan by the European commission


Implementation Phase

Action Plan Implementation                                                                                                     

From December 2018

Internal Interim Self-Assessment of the original Action plan and creation of a revised Action Plan for following 36 moths (24months after obtaining the HR Award)                                


Implementation of the revised Action Plan based on the Interim Assessment

36 months after Interim Self-Assessment​

External Assessment & Site visit                                                       

December 2023