Block Instruction in Practical Subjects (Autumn Term 2020 and Spring Term 2021)

Dear students,

from 10 May onwards, the extraordinary measure adopted on 3 May by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic will allow the attendance of all university students in clinical and practical instruction and training, individual consultations (just one student per one member of the academic staff or a different person), examinations.

Kindly pay attention to the additional information given below:

  1. Block instruction in practical subjects
    From 17 May onwards, the planned block instruction in practical subjects from the autumn term 2020 and spring term 2021 will be carried out. You will find the timetable of the block instruction at the address

    Some subjects are not included in the block timetable. The instruction in these subjects will be organized by teachers and you will be contacted via email.

    In most cases, special seminar groups have been created for the block instruction denoted by the symbols B1, B2,… It is necessary to sign up again for these seminar groups starting with “B” in the time-period from 7 May 17:00 to 15 May 24:00. Sign up just for one seminar group. You do not need to sign up for the original seminar groups (the state of your regular registration remains).

    To sign up for the seminar groups in the IS, it is necessary to set up the correct term (autumn term 2020 or spring term 2021 in the upper right-hand corner).

    The block instruction timetable has been also recorded in the IS. You will see it upon signing up for the seminar groups and also when checking the subject syllabus. However, we do not recommend using the timetable display in the IS. We advise you to obtain information at

    You can find the information about the block instruction also at

  2. Covid-19 testing
    The attendance in the lessons and consultations is conditioned by the negative test for Covid-19. More information can be found at, part “Instruction“ and “Covid-19 testing“.

  3. Accommodation in the halls of residence
    The students taking part in the practical lessons will be provided accommodation in the halls of residence. More information can be found at

I wish you a successful completion of the current term, or your whole studies.

Best regards,
Zdeněk Bochníček
Vice-dean for Education.

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