Join the Open Science Roadshow at our faculty on May 18, 2021

Do you publish? Do you produce research data? Then, come and get acquainted with the upcoming MUNI Open Science Strategy for the years 2022–2028 and discuss its possible form.

7 May 2021 Zuzana Jayasundera

What is Open Science?

According to the article Open Science is a research accelerator, Open Science is a movement for making scientific research accessible (including publications, data, samples, and software) and its dissemination at all levels of society, amateur and professional. Open Science is also understood as a transparent and accessible set of knowledge shared and developed in a network of scientific collaboration, as you can read here. In addition, Open Science includes procedures such as:

Elements of Open Science, according to the UNESCO presentation (February 17, 2021).

Emerging MUNI Open Science Strategy

And how is our university doing with Open Science? As stated by the Open Science Manager of MUNI, Jiří Marek from UVT MUNI: “The topic of Open Science or‘ modern access and management of scientific results ’in academic and research circles is resonating more and more. Both in the international and European field (European Open Science Cloud initiative or Horizon Europe framework program), and gradually also in the domestic field. Masaryk University does not want to be left behind in Open Science. Therefore it is preparing the MUNI Open Science Strategy for 2022–2028 to make it as easy as possible for its employees to adapt to the upcoming changes in scientific practice. The strategy primarily focuses on Open Access (open access to scientific publications) and FAIR Data (research data),” concluded Marek.

As this Open Science is and will be an essential part of supporting science in the years to come, Mark says it is crucial to get feedback from academics and researchers - the key beneficiaries of these strategic measures − and inform them about planned steps at the university level. The topic is perceived as a new type of infrastructure of advanced scientific services.

The topic of Open Science is also part of the new personnel strategy of the Faculty of Science MU, HR Award / HRS4R.

Taxonomy Open Science. Available at:

Join the Open Science Roadshow too!

The Open Science Roadshow aims at MUNI to present the draft MUNI Open Science Strategy for 2022–2028 at individual HSs and obtain feedback from researchers so that the document can be finalized and submitted to the university management for approval in autumn 2021.


Use this unique opportunity to influence the university direction in Open Science from the perspective of your faculty. The meeting at the Faculty of Science will take place on May 18, 2021, from 13:00 to 15:00 online using the MS Teams application. Registration for the event here (based on enrollment, you will be sent a link to join the day before the event for your convenience). Direct access to the virtual room here.

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