New faculty t-shirts SCITEM PRO… VĚDU

From May, the faculty will be introducing new promotional materials, including a new T-shirt in the faculty’s green colour with the inscription ‘MUNI SCITEM PRO VĚDU’, i.e. ‘MUNI WITH THE SENSE FOR SCIENCE’, complemented with graphics related to the 200th anniversary of the birth of Gregor Johann Mendel. The design is based on the new concept of ‘MUNI SCITEM PRO…’, I.E. ‘MUNI WITH THE SENSE FOR…’, which connects the MUNI SCI brand with the main topics of the faculty.

17 May 2022 Zuzana Jayasundera

Photo: Leoš Verner

“The concept is based on a combination of the acronym SCI and the word CIT, i.e. the connection between science and emotion, and is expressed with the new word SCITEM. The meaning of the message is clear from the context of the whole motto (MUNI SCITEM PRO ...)”, said Leoš Verner, Head of the External Relations, Communication and Marketing. He went on to explain that “this is an opportunity for positive identification of students and employees with their faculty, field or project”.

As reactions from our colleagues in the various departments show, the concept is well-liked. Consequently, the “faculty” T-shirt, which is intended as a gift for faculty guests, will soon be complemented by field T-shirts and MUNI SCITEM PRO cloth bags dedicated to the various scientific disciplines of the faculty. Other T-shirts, one with MUNI SCITEM PRO VĚDU graphics and one with the English phrase ‘MUNI SCIENCE IN MY DNA’, will be available at the MUNI Shop in about a month. We hope the collection of SCITEM promotional items will continue to grow.

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