Realization of thelaboratory digital spectrophotometer for the wide spectral region

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1/2004 - 12/2006
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Czech Science Foundation
MU Faculty or unit
Faculty of Science
digital spectrophotometer, constuction of a laboratory specimen, non-uniform thin films, area distribution of thin film refractive index, area distribution of thin film thickness, reflectance of non-uniform thin films, transmittance of non-uniform thin fi
Cooperating Organization
Brno University of Technology

The target of the project is a realisation of a two-channel digital spectrophotometer enabling us to perform ex-situ measurements of optical constants and thickness area distributions of inhomogeneous thin films within UV and visible spectral regions. As a source of a sample irradiation will serve a monochromator with XE lamp output beam of which will be split by means of two silica beamsplitters into two channels. The first of them will include a sample under study (thin film), a reference sample, a CCD camera and a mirror imaging a surface of the sample on a chip of the CCD camera. The second channel will include the reference sample and an auxiliary detector (e.g. a photomultiplier). A computer will process the image of the surface recorded by the CCD camera. Spectral dependences of relative reflectance (transmittance)of the films under study corresponding to individual pixels of the CCD camera, that is to individual small domains within the mean plane of the surface, can be measured.


Total number of publications: 4

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