Optical properties of glasses and amorphous thin films of sulphides and selenides

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1/2000 - 1/2002
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Czech Science Foundation
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Faculty of Science
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University of Pardubice

Pure and d- and f-elements doped selenide and sulphide glasses and thin films will be prepared by different methods, their physicochemical properties studied. The accent will be given to the study of their structure (Raman and IR spectroscopy, atomic for ce microscopy) to their optical properties (optical transmittivity, reflectivity at variable angle of incidence, spectroscopic elipsometry and spectroscopic reflectivity, luminescence in visible and infrared regions). Photoinduced changes of structure, i ndex of refraction, optical transmittivity and chemical reactivity will be studied. The project aims at better understanding of physicochemical properties of amorphous chalcogenides, at preparation and determination of properties of new glassy systems an d at description and understanding of photoinduced changes of their optical properties of amorphous sulphides and selenides. The studied materials and phenomena are potentially applicable in optics and in optoelectronics for construction of optical memor


Total number of publications: 5

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