Enrolment in study

Information and instructions for newly admitted students

General information

At the same time with the decision on admission to study, an invitation to enroll will also be published in the e-application. You cannot choose the regular date of enrolment; you have to appear on the date specified in the invitation. You will become a student of the Faculty of Science of Masaryk University upon enrolment. If you cannot appear for enrolment on the regular date, you need to apply for a substitute date by an e-mail sent to the Office for Studies.

The following dates were set this year:

Regular dates of enrolment:
Will be specified later.

Substitute date for enrolment:
Will be specified later.

In enrolment in Bachelor’s studies, the applicants have to present an authenticated copy of the secondary school-leaving certificate. Certification by the secondary school is not possible. Do not send this previously to the Office for Studies of the Faculty of Science!

If the school-leaving examination takes place on a resitting date in September, the applicant may ask for a substitute date for enrolment in study. The request can be sent by e-mail. Requests will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Please bring the following for your enrolment:

  • the registration sheet published in your e-application
  • the decision on admission
  • an authenticated copy of the secondary school-leaving certificate or a decision on recognition of foreign education if the school-leaving certificate is issued abroad and unless an international treaty stipulates otherwise
  • your identity card or passport
  • a pen and pencil

Another person can be authorised to enrol for you in studies using a power of attorney signed by you. The signature need not be notarised. A form of the power of attorney can be found on the IS document server.

Pursuant to Section 61 (1) of the Act, an applicant becomes a student of a higher education institution on the date of his/her enrolment in study.

If an applicant fails to appear for enrolment and fails to properly excuse himself/herself within 5 days of the enrolment, this is considered an expression of his/her will not to become a student.

Foreign nationals (except for Slovaks) applying for studies in the Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programmes in the Czech language, whose entrance examination has been waived, are obliged to prove their knowledge of the Czech language by passing an examination in Czech language at the B1 level according to the ALTE Framework not later than when enrolling in study.

If an applicant has completed previous studies abroad, the applicant has to meet one of the following conditions for enrolment:

1. present a certificate of recognition of equivalency of the education or a validation certificate (nostrifikační doložka)

Both these documents are issued by the regional authorities’ departments of education. Information on the process of recognition of foreign education in the Czech Republic is available here.

2. prove the conditions for admission

Proof of the conditions for admission of graduates of foreign secondary schools and higher education institutions is governed by Directive of Masaryk University No. 2/2019.

Further information can be found here. The deadline for presenting these documents is set for the end of June.

According to Measure of the Dean of the Faculty of Science of Masaryk University No. 1/2019, the amount of the fee for verification of foreign education pursuant to Section 48 (7) of the Higher Education Institutions Act equals CZK 800. The fee can be paid here: https://is.muni.cz/auth/obchod/baleni/166330


Information for prospective applicants

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