Support for Work-life Balance of Parents at the Faculty of Science: Need Your Cooperation

We are trying to get a project support to improve working conditions of parents at the Faculty of Science MU. In the nearest future you will receive an email with a link to an online questionnaire issued by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. Please fill it in for us to get the support. We need at least 400 participants, we are counting on you. You can already find a preview of the questionnaire here.

24 Oct 2022 Kateřina Mandlová Barbora Wahlová Zuzana Hrabovská

Faculty of Science MU has long perceived the need to support flexible forms of work, especially but not only for female researchers caring for children, and other work-life balance support for working parents at the faculty. This need has been a clear outcome of the HR Award analyses conducted continuously since 2018 and the faculty gender audit conducted in 2021. Now the faculty has the opportunity to gain a financial contribution to improve working conditions in this respect: We apply to the call of the Czech Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs aimed at introducing a system of work with employees on maternity or parental leave (detail available in the Czech language here). Within the framework of this Employment+ Programme, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs announced the Call No.012, Diverse and Flexible Work Culture, which supports the introduction of a flexible work culture and the creation of conditions for balanced representation of women and men on the labour market. As an output of this project, we plan to support employees – parents, including efforts to establish a faculty accessible facility for a full-day placement of children from the age of about 2 years or occasional babysitting of younger children. The aim is to support work-life balance of researchers – parents, so that they do not have to leave their research careers and can still spend time with their families.

Important: In order the Faculty of Science can participate in the call, it is necessary for employees to complete the entry questionnaire. The questionnaire, which explores needs of employees, is anonymous and will be conducted online. It is not time-consuming and it takes a maximum of 10 minutes to complete. The data collection will start at the beginning of November 2022 and will ba open for approximately 14 days. Employees will receive an email with a link to the questionnaire, which is also available in English. We very much ask for your time and cooperation on this questionnaire. The Dean's Office colleagues, Kateřina Mandlová, Barbora Wahlová, Zuzana Hrabovská, will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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