Careers after PhD

To drive your career confidently, it requires things such as to know what your qualities, strengths, interests are, to explore options available on the research job market, to make a decision about your career path, and to rock your future interviews thanks to a thorough preparation.

Do not miss the interactive and resourceful Career Orientation Tool or explore Career beyond academia by Euraxess to get some inspiration.

If you want to know about current job openings in research – see e.g. Euraxess or

Thinking about the Postdoc after your studies? You can learn more also on our PostDoc page.

Proper self-presenting in your CV or during the interview is not an easy thing.

Get prepared with the help of the MU Career Centre.

The MU Career Centre also organises Industry ShowCases meetings (usually in Czech), which are an opportunity to learn more about jobs in private companies. Check their event calendar and stay tuned about upcoming events.

DIRECTIONS IN SCIENCE (stories of Czech scientists)

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