Networking is also an important aspect of a researcher's life that can help you expand your knowledge&skills or career plans to the next level.

We present some of the local initiatives focused on science. You can find there tips for useful events or workshops, articles about current situation in science, interesting interviews and many others that can help you get to know the scientific world better. - online magazine about science (in Czech)
Not to miss any news, subscribe for their newsletter or check their event calendar.

Czexpats in Science - a hub linking Czech scientists living abroad (in Czech)
When you plan your next travel or stay abroad, have a look at their map of czexpats and get in touch with any of the scientists living abroad.

MU Helps UkraineUp to date information for current and potential students from Ukraine. (In English)

Euraxess Czech Republic - part of Euraxess research platform (in English)
You can get useful information about current research calls but also about living in the Czech republic.

Science Slam MUNIscientific talks aimed on communication of science to public (in Czech)
Their Facebook posts provide a good source of inspiration and tips for science dissemination.

Besides networking online, you are also encouraged to find a mentor or participate in a mentoring programme.

To learn more about mentoring and its benefits, the NCK mentoring programme is a great reference. You can also download their booklet on career development of early stage researchers.
Our Faculty is also an associate member of the Eument-net. You can find plenty of interesting tips and readings on their website.


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