Social Geography and Regional Development

'' Man in Society - Society in Space ''

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International applicants for doctoral study (Czech and Slovak Republics applicants not included)
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Co se naučíte

This doctoral study programme is organized by the Faculty of Science in English and the studies are subject to tuition.

There is an alternative option for the international applicants to be accepted in the free programme administered in Czech with a possibility of receiving a scholarship. The study language of the programme is still English (Czech is the administrative language).

Before officially applying, please contact us at to find all the necessary information related to the scholarship and see our FAQ’s here (

The study program Social Geography and Regional Development (SGRD) focuses on the study of spatiality of social life. The Faculty of Science at Masaryk University is a traditional specialization, whose content reflects the changing society and its manifestations in the area. The interpretation of this situation also reflects the deepening knowledge of geographic and related scientific disciplines as well as improving methodological approaches. The SGRD is characterized by a comprehensive view, allowing the interpretation of social, economic, environmental, political and cultural processes in their interrelationships and wider contexts. Another characteristic feature of the field is the sensitivity to scale of studied phenomena and processes, ie the interest in interpreting processes taking place at different hierarchical levels and respecting (accentuating the importance of relationships between these levels). Thematically, the research focuses on, for example, the spatio-temporal organization of society, transformation and developmental changes in the Czech environment, peripheral-rural-border regions, regional and sectoral policies, as well as political-geographical topics. Students are encouraged to communicate with specialists in related fields while retaining a synthesizing geographic perspective. At the same time, however, the study is significantly linked to the practice of regional development (public administration), where graduates often find employment. The study program is open to graduates of master's degree in geography and related fields, including from other faculties and universities.


It is NOT a mandatory part of the SGRD doctoral program. Within the framework of studies, cooperation with relevant institutions can be established.

Uplatnění absolventů

Graduates of the SGRR doctoral program can apply the acquired qualifications especially in academic workplaces, research and departmental institutions, or also in the private sector. They are able to carry out independent scientific and research activities in the area of basic, eventually. applied research. In a broader sense, they are ready to carry out all activities related to scientific work, ie. to deal with conceptual issues, scientific and organizational activities, as well as teaching and transferring experience. A certain specificity is the application of graduates in practice, ie at higher positions in regional development institutions at various hierarchical (administrative) levels of public administration.


1. 8. – 30. 11. 2021

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Informace o studiu

Zajišťuje Přírodovědecká fakulta
Typ studia doktorský
Forma prezenční ano
kombinovaná ano
Možnosti studia jednooborově ano
jednooborově se specializací ne
v kombinaci s jiným programem ne
Doba studia 4 roky
Vyučovací jazyk angličtina
Spolupracující instituce
  • Akademie věd ČR
  • Ústav výzkumu globální změny AV ČR
Oborová rada a oborové komise
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Studium v cizích jazycích je zpoplatněné, platba je za akademický rok
3 000 EUR
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