Finance Office

Unit numbering scheme
310000 Faculty of Science
311000 Departments
314070 Department of Anthropology
313050 Department of Biochemistry
314020 Department of Botany and Zoology
314028 ENVIROP
314027 Hydrobiology Group
314023 Mire Ecology Group
314026 Parasitology Group
314021 Plant Biosystematics Group
314024 Terrestrial Invertebrate Research Group
314022 Vegetation Science Group
314025 Vertebrate Research Group
312020 Department of Condensed Matter Physics
314010 Department of Experimental Biology
314019 Czech Collection of Microorganisms
314017 Loschmidt Laboratories
314013 Section of Animal Physiology and Immunology
314011 Section of Experimental Plant Biology
314016 Section of Genetics and Molecular Biology
314015 Section of Microbiology
315030 Department of Geography
315010 Department of Geological Sciences
313010 Department of Chemistry
311010 Department of Mathematics and Statistics
312030 Department of Physical Electronics
312036 Applied Plasmochemistry
312032 Deposition of Thin films and Nanostructures
312034 Didactics of Physic
312035 Optics for Thin films and Solid surfaces
312033 Plasma Diagnostics and Modelling
312031 Plasma Nanotechnologies and Bioapplications
312040 Department of Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics
316000 National Centre for Biomolecular Research
318000 RECETOX
318070 Central Laboratories
318073 Biomarker Analytical Laboratories
318072 Microbiome Analytical Laboratories
318071 Trace Analytical Laboratories
318080 Data Services
318085 Biostatistics and Data Analysis
318084 CERIT SC
318082 Information Systems
318086 Sequence Data Processing and Analysis
318087 Spectrometric Data Processing and Analysis
318002 Director's Office
318030 Environmental Health
318031 Environmental Epidemiology ERA Chair
318032 Environmental Genomics
318038 Exposure and Health Risk Assessment
318037 Integrative Bioinformatics and Biostatistics
318033 Molecular Metabolism and Chronic Diseases
318035 Physical Activity and Fitness
318010 Environmental Chemistry and Modelling
318016 Biomarkers of Disease and Health
318011 Human Exposome
318017 Chemical Pollutants and Human Exposure Routes
318013 Chemodynamics of Environmental Pollution
318015 Pharmacokinetic Modelling
318020 Environmental Toxicology
318023 Bioanalytical Toxicology
318022 Cell and Tissue Toxicology
318021 Mechanistic Environmental Toxicology
318024 Soil Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology
318040 Chemical Tools for Diagnosis and Therapy
318043 Fluorescent Probes
318041 Organic Photochemistry
318042 Supramolecular Chemistry
318050 Loschmidt Laboratories of Protein Engineering
318053 Artificial Intelligence in Protein Engineering
318051 Kinetics and Microfluidics
318052 Molecular Modelling and Bioinformatics
318054 Structural Biology
318001 National Centre
318060 Population Studies CELSPAC
318064 Biobank and CELSPAC Laboratories
318063 Recruitment and Examination
318062 Studies Design and Data Management
318061 Studies Management and Communication
318090 Support Functions
318092 Grant Office
318095 Human Resources Department
318096 IT Department
318091 Operations Department
319800 Specialized Units
319810 Botanical Garden
319840 Central Library
315040 Institute of Physics of the Earth
319900 Dean's Office
319940 Faculty Bursar's Office
319944 BOZP
319943 External Relations, Communication and Marketing
319942 HR AWARD
319946 Legal Office
319945 Secretariat
319914 Finance Office
319917 Office for Doctoral Studies, Quality, Academic Affairs and Internationalization
319930 Office for Information and Communications Technologies
319913 Office for Studies
319912 Personnel Office
319920 Project Support Office
319980 Technical and Operational Office

963100 Language Centre, Faculty of Science Division
Deadlines schedule
Deadline period (2022) Accounting VAT
January 15.02.2022 15.02.2022
February 15.03.2022 15.03.2022
March 19.04.2022 19.04.2022
April 16.05.2022 16.05.2022
May 15.06.2022 15.06.2022
June 15.07.2022 15.07.2022
July 15.08.2022 15.08.2022
August 15.09.2022 15.09.2022
September 17.10.2022 17.10.2022
October 15.11.2022 15.11.2022
November 15.12.2022 15.12.2022
December to be specified in December

The period closes at 9.00 a.m. on that day.

Note: The closing dates had to be adapted to the deadline for filing the EU tax return under the one-stop scheme, which is always the 20th calendar day after the quarter, and the control report, which must be sent to the tax office no later than the 25th of the month. Any delay in filing is subject to a penalty!

Deadlines for the end of 2020
  • 19.11.2021

    • closure of payments for foreign advance invoices
  • 30.11.2021

    • last payments by a card (Attention, the date of payment deduction from the MU account is important! All payments that appear on the bank statement for the month of December in January will be charged only to orders No.1111, 4760 or 1128!)
    • deadline for charging the last purchases (especially small assets) paid from national grants, including billing of advances (does not apply to OP – please consult with project economists)
  • 6.12.2021

    • closure of payment of domestic advance invoices - only standard tax documents (invoices) will be paid, until 17.12.2021
    • foreign checks to withdraw
    • billing of all this year's local and foreign trips
    • trips made after this date must be billed immediately!
  • 20.12.2021

    • acceptance of last invoices for payment!
    • submission of last small amounts of departmental cash registers to the EO
    • last addition of cash registers to the limit
    • all advance invoices must be accounted provided the respective costs are to be accounted in 2021
    • withdrawal of travel accounts at the main cash register
    • hand over materials for activation to Ms. Svobodová
    • hand over inventories of departmental cash registers to the EO
  • 20.12.2021

    • last transactions of the year 2021 at the main cash register, ie only travel orders, by 12 o'clock in the morning

Provided all deadlines are met, all documents will be posted no later than 22.12.2020.

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